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Stay at Home Mom? Is this God’s Plan for Me?

Has any of you ever felt unsure, uncertain of God’s plan for your life? 

Today was one of those days for me anyway.

I married young and am the mother of two beautiful children. Ones that I love with all my heart but today I questioned if this is really what my life is supposed to be….. a stay at home mom. Isn’t there supposed to be more to my life? 

I started thinking- what if we had decided to wait longer to get married, what if we had waited longer to have children, what if this, what if that…. I started doubting God had a special plan for my life.

  And honestly right now I’m not sure what that is. I can’t find any great awesome reasons as to why my life is what it is right now. Or give you an inspirational comparison or encouragement…it’s just the raw truth. Sometimes in the midst of motherhood when things are rough, we wonder and we doubt. Maybe not all of us but I know I sure do…..

And I think it’s ok to admit that. I’m not saying it’s ok to dwell in “what ifs” or “what could have beens” but sometimes it does cross our minds. I think we need to talk about it. To God, to our husbands, to our friends……open up and share our struggles. Usually they are more than willing to give a word of encouragement. Especially God

And you know what sometimes it might not help and we still might not understand, especially when we are buried in laundry, a messy house and screaming children. But I trust that the Lord has a plan that will someday be revealed to me. And it will be beautiful. And I feel part of that plan is to stay at home with my children for now. Even when I feel like my life should be more… Even if I don’t see any beauty or divine purpose to it tonight. 

God’s plan is perfect!

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28 NKJV

With love,

The Mennonite Wife ❤

Busy, Busy, Busy Mommy

Dear Mommies,

 Tonight I’m gonna be blogging a bit differently… I just kinda needed to journal a bit and I figured ..meh why not share my thoughts with you all. If you’ve read my ABOUT, you’ll all know I am a mama of one busy toddler so far and guess what…..we have baby #2 on its way! Yay!!….. Right? 

Honestly, it’s been a little terrifying! I am sooo busy, it’s almost unreal. I mean if I’m not doing this, then I’m doing that. It seems like a never ending cycle of laundry, cleaning, dishes, chasing toddler, cooking etc. And I am such a restless soul… Not finding fulfillment in anything. So I find more to do. You see I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’m constantly trying to have a cleaner more organized house or a prettier, more meaningful journal entry or a better, more fullfilling devotional. Anyone else feeling me? It’s driving me crazy! So I get busier and busier. I can hardly keep up. So yeah…2 little ones seems almost impossible to me right now. But I know things will be ok. Trust is key. Trust in the Lord is master key. Everything will work out if I make Him center of my crazy world. 

I’m just not sure how to slow down though…… I need to find my “thing”. So tell me fellow busy mamas, who’ve got it all figured out 😉 (lol) are you willing to give up your secret, your “thing” to slowing down in such a busy world??

If you are, comment away!

Please! ❤️ I’m sure many of us would love to hear your advice…. 

Hey I just might even have to pick some of the best ones and feature them in my next blog post! 

Blessings in Disguise

blessings in disguise

That’s right, it’s been one of those days. A day where you have a list of things to do and a mountain of laundry literally almost as high as your kitchen counter……..and everything seems to go wrong.

It actually started off not too bad. Our beautiful toddler woke up with  happy with a smile on her face….but things only seemed to go downhill from there. I was her jungle gym during my workout, which I have no problem with,gets me quicker results.😜 But then suddenly she disappears. And it’s super quiet, like the calm before the storm and you know something is going on. You pause your workout at go look….Sure enough, she’s gone and helped herself to mommy’s collection of books. Yes, I know, I know, probably shouldn’t have them toddler level but we are trying (key word trying) to house proof our baby, not the other way around. But that was okay too, I put the book back on the shelf; explained to her that it is a no, no book. No harm done. But the day goes own. The beautiful toddler isn’t smiling anymore. One second she’s following you around, crying because she couldn’t have the cleaning rag. Next second she’s off to dunk some laundry in the toilet. Then she refuses to eat all her lunch. About 20 mins later she’s looking up at you with puppy eyes holding a granola bar or a bag of gummies she fished out of the snack drawer. Now it’s time for what you hope will be a nice long nap to refresh that cranky little bundle of cute…. No, that’s not happening. About 45 mins later she’s standing in her crib demanding to get out. And the fun continues… you close the snack cabinet for the umpteenth time. You think the bathroom doors are closed, but then you hear the toilet lid bang. You think the garbage is out of her reach until she’s looking up at you grinning….. with a soiled wet wipe in her hand! Insert gag here!! And so on….Your frustration level rises higher and higher… What are you going to do? Yell, scream, pull your hair out, run away……..?

No…you are gonna take a deep breath and thank God for this beautiful child He has given you……. For you can never say you are bored. You are going to steal a moment and slip into your room alone and kneel to pray… Because you cannot do this alone. You are going to smile and explain to your sweet child AGAIN why she can’t have gummies or granola bars for breakfast, lunch and supper. why? I’ll tell you why. Because the second they give you that sweet kiss, that heartwarming smile, that giant hug, you realize they are worth every second of the bad days.  God has given us only a short time with these precious toddlers. So when the day gets rough, and your temper is short., take a break and talk to God. He will refresh you, He will help you stumble through the rest of the day.

And He will open your eyes to all the blessings in disguise.