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Days of the Lord Free Printable!

Hey guys, you all probably remember my post on the meanings of “The Mennonite Holidays: The Meanings Behind Them” , if not check it out here. Well now the matching printable is here!! It is a handy little page that fits beautifully into an 8×10 frame! Or you can use it to hand out to curious friends and co-workers and you don’t have to do any explaining. Here is an example of one of the styles already framed:

mennonite wife freebie


Currently, the printable is only available to subscribers but if your interested it is so easy to do! And I promise I will try to keep my newsletters to a minimum. If not you are always free to unsubscribe. I understand. Honestly. Again if you are interested just enter your email and name and I’ll release it for the world to see. Just kidding haha. Your email and other info you provide is private information and will not be distributed.

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