Month: May 2016

We Are Angry People

By nature we are angry people. This is because we are born with a sinful nature. We see it in a wee little baby hardly out of the womb. We see it in a determined toddler. We see it in a strong willed teen. We see it in adult hood. We see it in the elderly and even some on the death bed. 

Anger itself is not actually a sin… Interesting isn’t it? How can a feeling this strong and passionate not be sin? Truth is, it only becomes sin when acted upon or when left to simmer. I am an especially heated person. My temperature levels shoot up in a seconds notice and quite often my words slip out just as quickly. And therefore having acted upon my anger, I have sinned. 

This is a bad habit or attitude to have. As I said before, we are by nature angry people, so naturally we will get upset. Even Jesus got upset. BUT WE MUST BE CAREFUL HOW WE REACT TO THIS FEELING! Here are the choices we have:

  • We can become very bitter people and create many enemies and regrets by letting the anger pot boil over.
  • We can pass on our reactions to anger on to our children and it will be a continuous cycle of actively angry people
  • Or we can look to the cross and accept the blood of the Lamb and renounce the spirit of a quick temper. 

Which one do you choose? I personally chose the third. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a journey of trials and temptations. I still get angry but instead of acting upon it, I take a deep breath and pray to the heavenly Father. He will provide you with the grace to overcome. Pray outloud right there and then. Send Satan on his way. Or if you need to count to ten, do it a hundred times or until the anger subsides. Maybe even step into a quiet room. Get away from the situation and speak to your Father. I promise you, there is victory in the cross. You will fall but don’t let it drag you down. Ask for forgiveness and remember we are sinful people. Take ahold of Christ’s hand and continue on. With time you will get better and someday you will recieve your reward. 

With love,

The Mennonite Wife



Optional Scripture Reading: Daniel 3:8-27

“If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Daniel 3:17

We have all probably heard the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the burning furnace. I know I have, many times. But the other morning as I was reading it as a part of my morning devotional in the “Beside the Still Waters,” my eyes were opened to something I had never thought of before. As the story goes, these three young men were tempted by idol worship and if they refused a terrible end was awaiting them. Isn’t that how our lives sometimes go as well? Often as youth we are tempted by perverse talk, alcohol among other things. Usually, if we refuse such things, we are thrown aside, tossed in a fiery furnace so to speak. We become the object of ridicule. Sadly this continues into our adult life as well. Surrounded by flapping tongues and mean cliques, just like in our youth years. The only difference is maybe the topic has changed. Now it’s lashing out at a mother with a strong-willed toddler or a “friend” who does things a little differently than we. Then, when we refuse to take part or if we speak out, the glaring judgmental looks turn on us. Now your back in the furnace again. And its an uncomfortable place to be.

Three types of people emerge from these situations:

  1. Some who just can’t handle the heat and compromise.
  2. There are those, whose anger, and bitterness starts to fill them. They start despising the wrongdoers and the temptation they represent. Often, even, they will start lashing out and gossiping to others about how sinful and wrong it is what these people are doing……Failing to realize they have just created another link in the same chain.
  3. BUT then are the Shadrachs, Meschachs and Abed-negos of this world. The ones that choose the fiery route. The hard way. They place all their trust in God. Just like God showed His mighty strength by delivering these three men from the roaring fires, He will deliver those who choose to take the rocky road. Who turn away from temptation like the three brave men in our Bible reading. And can you tell me what the outcome was of Shadrach’s, Meshach’s and Abed-negos’s faith was? They stared right into the face of temptation without fear and they were able to be a great witness for the Lord! What a testimony they had! Even Nebuchadnezzer, the King, acknowledged God’s greatness!! Isn’t our God amazing! He turned, what looked like an impossible situation, into a testimony of His greatness and love. So when temptation comes our way and we’re backed into a fiery furnace, let’s not give up hope. Trust in God and know that He means it for our good. Look at temptation as a blessing and thank the Lord for it. For when we overcome, what a great witness we will be to others!


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Mennonite Holidays: Part Three. So then must everyone keep them?


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump right into it. I feel like this might be a bit of a touchy topic but this is something I strongly believe and came to the conclusion of by reading God’s word on the subject. I’ll start of with a verse found in Romans Chapter 14 verses 1-13. 

One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his mind. Romans 14:5

What does this verse say to you?

The way I understand it is this; people are not all going to feel convicted to hold these holidays. Some may feel convicted to celebrate just one day, while others three. Some maybe even a week or a month! And you know what? Every single one of these people are right!! We just have to be fully convinced that what we are doing is what is God’s will.  You can glorify God in church or in a tractor. Whichever one you feel convicted to do. But now don’t take what I say the wrong way, you must be fully convinced. By God! Not just because your boss told you to work or because your grandma said to keep the day holy. You also shouldn’t be working if you are doing it for greed and money reasons. Do it to glorify God! Oh, and don’t think I’m letting you holiday holders off easy either. IF YOU ARE SITTING AROUND GOSSIPING, or DRINKING or PARTYING YOU ARE ALSO NOT GLORIFYING GOD!! You would actually be better off at work because then you wouldn’t be also be defiling yourself by sinning against God on a day you are claiming is your right because you are a follower of Jesus Christ (yes, that is what a Mennonite is supposed to be!)….. “Mennonite Holidays”, the Lord’s Holy Days whatever you call it are meant to be kept sacred and holy. So please do so or just leave them be altogether. And if someone doesn’t celebrate them, you have no right to judge them. They are a christian liberty. Not a command. Whatever you do, do it for the Lord. So in other words to answer the question: Must everyone keep them? 

No, only if you feel convicted and convinced that it is God’s will.

If you still aren’t convinced, again please read Romans 14:1-13 and it should clarify it pretty well. May God bless you.


Mennonite Holidays Part Two: What Are The Meanings Behind Them?

Hey everybody! This is post #2 on Mennonite Holidays. My earlier post on the subject is titled “Mennonite Holidays: Is there such a thing?“. If you haven’t already, please go check it out. Today I will be explaining the meanings behind the different holy days. But first I have a few things to say. I will continue to use the term “Mennonite holidays” throughout this post, even though I believe the term to be incorrect (again check out previous post on the topic) because it is just the easiest way of explaining it to everyone reading. I will also be working on my first free printable! Yay!! So if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my email for future subscriber goodies and updates. My first printable will be based on this article and will be a handy little sheet to hand over to your employers, so that they know the full reasons behind your Mennonite holiday. Lord willing, I should finish it soon. So until then keep checking your inbox.

Ok, enough chit-chat! Here we go! I will start at he beginning.

  • Heilige Drei Konige also know as Holy Three Kings or Epiphany always falls on the 6th of January. This day is held to celebrate the time when the three magi (Holy Three Kings) came to Jesus to show their adoration and to recognize Him as King of kings. Matthew 2:1-2
  • Stille Frietag or Good Friday is held in respect of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. It falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday.
  • Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His defeat of death and Satan. Although the exact reason behind the three Easter holidays is unclear, many Mennonite churches ask that we keep all three holy. One explanation that I have heard is that we hold a day for the Fatherhood, a day for the Son-hood and a day for the Holy Spirit. The three in one.  
  • Himmelfahrt/Ascension Day is held to respect the day Jesus ascended back into heaven. It is celebrated on a Thursday forty days after Easter. Acts 1:3
  • Pinjsten or Pentecost  is held to commemorate the sending of the Holy Spirit as was promised by Christ. It falls 50 days after Easter or 10 days after Ascension Day. In most churches, baptism is held on this day. Pentecost is also celebrated for three days for the same reasons I believe as Easter. Acts 2:1-31

That concludes the main “Mennonite Holidays”.  We do also celebrate some of the mainstream holidays like New Year’s and Thanksgiving. Although thanksgiving is traditionally just held on a Sunday. And of course we celebrate Christmas! What would be the point of all these other holidays if we didn’t even celebrate Christ’s birth?! 🙂 But other than that I think that is pretty much it….. If you have any questions or concerns or if you feel more could be added or that maybe something is incorrect, anything really, feel free to chat me up below in the comments or through email @!

Thank you!

Pixie in a Dirty Glass

pixie in a dirty glass

Sometimes I feel like a pixie fairy in a dirty mason glass. My wings are cramped and I’m claustrophobic; I start to become depressed and anxious. I feel as though my air is running out. I’ve been placed on a shelf high up away from everything else. Forgotten. Alone. Am I worth anything? Will I ever amount to much? Will I ever accomplish greatness? How can I, stuck in this glass? I rub the cold wall, desperate to create a little window , to see what lurks beyond this misery. But I can’t, it’s all from the outside. It’s out of my control. My world looks so dark and bleak. Unable to take it any longer, I place all my weight on the one side of the glass. I push and push and the jar starts to tilt. It’s hard work and I’m getting tired, but I keep on going. Slowly, little by little the jar lifts up on the one side, and then gravity comes along and helps me out. Down, spinning and twirling, I plunge to the cold hard cement. With a crash I hit the floor…. Am I free??

Yes! Yes I am! But my wings are torn, I have deep cuts and wounds. I cannot breathe. I cannot even enjoy the beautiful colors and sounds around me. I cry out! I regret! Oh if only I had stayed in the jar, at least I would not be so hurt and broken!! Despair fills me, I do not know where to go.

“Help me, please!”  I cry once again. And through blurry eyes I see a hand reaching out, a big gentle, calloused hand with a single scar in the center. Hope fills my soul, and I grasp a hold of it. Then the darkness surrounds me….But it’s a darkness like no other, for a warm gentle glow dwells in it, a sense of calm and peace…

I wake up resting, on a beautiful rose bed. And from my place up on a counter, I see the merciful stranger working. My eyes widen in shock, as I see thousands of jars like mine standing up on many different shelves. The man creates beautiful little places and makes sure no harm is nearby before He reaches up and takes hold of jar, opens it and releases another beautiful fairy like me. Only this one had waited patiently. Had trusted in the Unknown, the Unseen. And when her time had come, He revealed to her the beauty, the wonder, outside of her dirty glass. But as I look on, I see I was not alone in my restlessness. I see others, shoving impatiently. Jars falling and crashing. Some refuse the hand reaching out, they scramble and crawl away from the light.. they do not understand it. They fight and thrash about in the broken glass, until the life has gone out of their broken bodies. With sorrow filled eyes the man steps back and cries. A scrawny evil creature comes and devours the mess. But then, He turns back… and continues His loving work. Releasing the patient and trusting, healing the broken and remorseful. In His perfect time, showing each and every one of His children His plan.

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Disaster strikes.. How will you react?

After a long tiring day, I tuck my 2 year old in for the night and go relax in my soft bed in my nice air conditioned house. But many Albertans are not so blessed right now. Right as I’m typing this, parts of a big town in northern Alberta are burning to the ground. An estimate of 80,000 have been evacuated from their homes, and many many buildings have been left in ashes already. Can you imagine the fears, the chaos, the uncertainty? I cannot. We are so very blessed. 

But as more and more pictures and updates fill my social media newsfeed, my heart is saddened. Not only because so many people are losing their homes and visions of the near future but because of the hardness of heart. On one side we have those who sympathize but are bitter and angry against God. Comments like “prayer is useless, donate if you want to help” are everywhere. People are blaming government. And there are those who are claiming it’s “karma!” That the oilfield did this to themselves. 

Wake up world!! Please! Do you hear yourselves, do you hear the poison in your hearts and words? How can you wish this upon someone, how can you blame someone who has no responsibly for this…. Stone has replaced the heart of many a person and this tragedy is revealing it. A lot of godless and cruel words are being spoken. It hurts to see and hear this.

But God is control of everything. And everything happens for a reason, although it seems so hard to understand right now…. Maybe this should be a time to soften our hearts, let the fire melt all the hardness away. Let’s help out where we can, let’s pray! There is power in prayer. So much power. And yes let’s donate! Find a website or place and please do so!!

Also let us thank God, for even in the midst of this terrible time, He is there. He is working in mighty ways through firefighters, paramedics and many more. At the moment, not a single life has been lost! Material things are replaceable but people are not. Thank you Lord! ❤️ 

I want to close this post tonight by asking you a question.

If disaster struck you today.. What would you do? Would you harden your heart or humble yourself and soften it? Let’s remember the book of Job, and is faithfulness in all his trials. 

God is in control! Pray for FortMac!

“Mennonite Holidays: Is there such a thing?”

mennonite holidays

Wasn’t today absolutely gorgeous? It sure was in southern Alberta anyway. Felt like summer already. As I was sitting on the patio this morning doing my morning devotions, I looked over my schedule and noticed it’s Ascension Day this week Thursday. And it got me thinking about Mennonite Holidays…

So I decided that in these next few days, I’m was going to touch on a touchy subject. Hmm..“Mennonite Holidays…..” Where do I begin?? Well let’s start with this, there is no such thing as a Mennonite holiday.

There is no such thing as a Mennonite Holiday!

“Gasp” What do you mean there is no such thing? What about all those days where we take off work and all the non-Mennonites don’t?

All “Mennonite Holidays” are just days that we hold holy because an important event of Christianity happened sometime near or during that day when Jesus walked the earth. For example, this Thursday is Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day*). The day Jesus ascended into heaven to sit at His Father’s right hand. Therefore in all reality this holiday is for anyone who believes in Christ and is a Christian. So to all those people who hold this holiday, you can’t really say to your boss that it’s a “Mennonite holiday.” It just isn’t. It is a day that any believer can choose to hold holy. Another thing I want to talk about is that, unfortunately many Mennonites only take these holidays off because it gives them an excuse not to work. Or because it’s tradition. Many of them actually have no idea what the day is actually even about. so instead of keeping the day holy, like God intended, they take the day off, to slack off, party, and sin against God. To me personally, the only way you should be taking the day off, is if you know what the day is for and you believe it. AND IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY KEEPING IT HOLY! Or else it just becomes a really good excuse for a long weekend. That doesn’t seem right to me and I don’t believe it’s right in God’s eyes either. And quite often, it doesn’t seem right in the eyes of those who don’t believe or just don’t hold this day holy. It causes bitterness and resentment, because they can see it is being misused. So next time someone asks you why you are taking a day off, please don’t say it’s a Mennonite holiday. Study God’s word and dig deeper into what this day is all about, so that you can actually have a valid reason for your boss, co-worker or curious friend.

That’s just my two pieces on it anyway…..Stay in tune for more posts these next few days on “Mennonite Holidays” (Including a post with the definitions and reasons behind all so called “Mennonite Holidays”

*As·cen·sion Day


  1. the fortieth day after Easter, on which Christ’s Ascension is celebrated in the Christian Church. Also called Holy Thursday.
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