“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”  – 2 Corninthians 4:17

There is a reason why we go through what we go through. It’s hard to see sometimes when your struggling through a phase of temptation, failures and possible doubts… But maybe there is a bigger picture…wait. No. I KNOW there is a bigger picture. I’m slowly emerging from a rough time of spiritual darkness but God revealed something to me through it all. It’s this. Have you ever paused to consider that maybe God uses some really dark thread to weave into our design so that in the end the masterpiece will be all that much more beautiful for it? Think about it. If our life was say, a continuous colour, would we seek to glorify Him for it? Wouldn’t be just kinda become numb to His awesomeness and glory? It’s only when a dark phase has passed and the colours start to shine and brighten, that we stop and praise and give glory to God for all He does. For all the blessings He continues to give, even in times of darkness. So my revelation is this. THERE IS A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE IN THIS MOMENT OF AFFLICTION! And I truly believe this now. It’s through the pain and suffering that He draws us nearer to Him. And in the end when our story is woven, we will gasp in awe and wonder at how perfect the colours fit.