Have you started to doubt the power of God?

Do you feel like He isn’t listening? Are you running out of hope? I know I often feel like this, and during the holidays it gets worse. The aching for your family to grow  suddenly becomes stronger and your house feels emptier. With this you start to wonder…. does God answer prayers?

Yes!!! He does! That’s what I want you to know and focus on this Christmas season. God listens, He hears your pleas and He knows your desires.

When you can’t seem to find happiness in the holidays think about all your answered prayers this year.

Maybe your husband got a job that was a better environment.

Maybe family members realized how hard infertility was for you and they showered you with love.♡

Maybe you got a positive pregnancy test, and had your prayers answered.

I don’t know what your petitions to God were, but I’m sure some were answered….even if it was as simple as your husband getting home safely in bad weather.

Give yourself some grace this Christmas!

This Christmas gift yourself some grace if you’re finding it hard. Give yourself a break if you burst into tears. It’s okay! Cry a bit and then remember as you dry your tears GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

With love and Christmas wishes♡

The LTB( learning to be) Hopeful Wife.