Hey everyone. I’m writing today to talk to you about something important especially to me. This coming week April 23rd to 29th is National Infertility Awareness Week! So this week I’m asking you to be  brave and to share your story! Spread awareness about infertility, how difficult it can be,and how important it is for us to receive prayers for this. Our infertility story should never be something to be ashamed about and not something to be hidden behind closed doors. So this week share your story, post something about infertitilty awareness in your status, or simply comment below with your story! And for all of you out there who knows someone struggling with infertility, please show your support as well. If you want some great banners to post to support this etc. go to www.resolve.org for some downloadable images.

This week I’m also hoping to dive further into our infertility journey.

I cannot tell you when this struggle will be over. I can however do my best to share my journey to let you know you are not alone. More importantly I want to remind you  (and myself) that God hasn’t left us. He hears our prayers and desires and catches every tear we cry( Psalm56:8).

Be prayerful and trust that God will answer your prayers.

Hitherto have ye asked nothing In my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.     John16:24

Don’t give up. Keep faith.

With love, The Hopeful Wife

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