Hello again. In the spirit of national infertility awareness week(NIAW) im going to  post a short encouragement/prayer  while I’m working on other posts!

Today I’m going to encourage you to take into prayer those who are struggling with infertility. Infertility so often feels like a journey that your going through alone, and that is not the case. I have been constantly amazed in the last while about how many people I have talked to had been struggling with infertility at one point in their life.  So the way I see it is the more people that share their story the better! 

Need more encouragement than this? Go to Ayla and Calebs YouTube channel and watch their video for NIAW . It of course is called You are not alone | # LISTEN UP!

God, today I’m going to ask you to come in to all the hearts of all those struggling with infertility. God this is not something that is easy to go through but we know that you have a plan for it. So while we are waiting for our heaven sent blessing, we will praise You! May we count each day as one day closer to our answered prayers.   In Jesus Name with love and thanksgiving. AMEN.

With love… The Hopeful Wife




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