The sum of our journey with infertility  (so far) was not an easy post for me to write. As me and my husband were talking about our journey it became painfully obvious that our desire has yet to be fulfilled. It hurts knowing we are not closer to our dream after a few years….

Our journey starts with us being okay if we didn’t have kids right away. We didn’t think much of it when we didn’t get pregnant right away because of that fact. Around our one year anniversary my cycle acted up like crazy, which ended up with a trip to the emergency room. I ended up being treated for cysts. At that time the doctor also ended up testing me for ovulation knowing that me and my husband were trying to conceive at that point, and the results were negative. That’s when we got our first prescription for Clomid which we decided not to use as we were not ready to try any other methods yet. We didn’t know( or think) that our journey would be far from over.

Since my cycle kept bothering me I went to another doctor who referred me to an Infertility doctor saying it could take up to six months (maybe more) to get in. Surprisingly I think it only took a bit over a month.

So we met with the Fertility Dr. and got our answer back after some tedious, uncomfortable  and sometimes  painful tests. I wasn’t ovulating….which we already knew!

We decided to try Clomid. I went through two rounds of Clomid and sadly no success.

Today we are hoping, praying, waiting for our little blessing, keeping busy and doing our best to work for God’s kingdom!♡

With love, The Hopeful Wife


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