My heart is aching as Mother’s Day is coming around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried, or tried to keep myself from crying. So this post is more for the mothers out there…. and what I would like you to remember this Mother’s Day.

  1. Remember that your child is a true blessing and a gift from God.
  2. Remember that your worst days as a mother are ones that someone struggling with infertility is simply dreaming about!
  3. Remember all the ones out there struggling with infertility and send up a prayer for them because Mother’s Day is just like a knife in the heart; a reminder of what we don’t have….

Please do not misunderstand motherhood is challenging (but rewarding) and definitely has its moments of frustration, tears and heartaches as well. I only want to remind you because I’ve seen so many moms take it for granted. I have seen so many moms brush aside their children, or tell their children to leave them alone (though I do get that mom’s need their alone time). I have seen Mom’s use only discipline and very rarely love, or the other way around where the love they give is given with items not actions.

I am NOT trying to criticize, I just want to encourage you to count your blessings! Those little feet running around is just a dream for some.♡

With love ~ The Hopeful Wife

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