I just went through a very rough week. I knew Mother’s day was coming and that added onto my struggle. I spent most of Sunday’s church service trying to blink away tears. I’ve had a lot of pregnancy announcements in my life the last while by people close to me, and I feel worn down. However God  (as always♡) has been working on me , and answering other prayer requests so I can see He is listening. I know He is showing me that He is MORE than able to answer my petitions. His timing is not mine though…. and some day I will understand.

God, I want to thank you for all the blessings you give and the prayers You answer. I don’t always understand why we struggle with infertility but I want to trust in Your will. May You give me the strength and encouragement to continue and give Your peace to those struggling as well. In Jesus Name with love and thanksgiving. Amen.

With love ~ The Hopeful Wife






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  1. I feel your struggle! Last year was hard because we had a mother’s day message but this year we didn’t. I enjoy a message for moms but I don’t like to hear it on mothers day! ❤

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